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February 5, 2023
February 5, 2023 Jason Hartley

How to Make the Most of the Instagram Collab Feature on Posts and Reels

that is beneficial to everyone that’s involved.

In the past, this kind of collaboration was commonly achieved by tagging or mentioning other people in your post. This is fantastic, but the Collab function enables you to go beyond that and have shared Instagram posts and Reels appear in followers’ Instagram feeds.

We will take you through the Instagram Collab feature, below we have put together reasons why you should use it, and how to use it. We also offer some suggestions for using Instagram collabs to promote your brand.

What exactly does Instagram Collab mean?

Instagram introduced Instagram Collabs in 2021, allowing users to co-author content with other accounts. A collaborator can be identified by the original creator on their account.

Why you should use Instagram Collabs?

You already know what the feature is, let’s find out why you need it

What makes Instagram Collabs a good choice for your Instagram account? There are several reasons why an Instagram collaboration post is great. Here are some reasons below.

Increased engagement

When exposure is doubled, engagement is also doubled. The likes, comments, shares, and other interactions for your Collab post will come from both of your communities and be combined for the post. No matter where the engagement came from, the engagement rate for the post will be credited to each of your accounts equally.

Reach a new audience

A Collab post appears on both profiles, whether it is an Instagram Reel or a regular feed post. This enables you to connect with new Instagram users through the audience of your collaboration partner.

These posts can be a fantastic way to introduce your company or Instagram account to a new audience. Also, it can help in showcasing your goods or services.

Reaching out to new audiences and obtaining new followers may typically be done by collaborating with the proper partner that has a target audience that is similar to your own.

“Influence” the algorithm

The double engagement from both accounts is also great for “Influencing” the Instagram algorithm. A well-planned Collaborative post should create more engagement than an individual post. However, because the interaction is aggregated, it makes no difference if it comes from two separate accounts; Instagram regards it as engagement on a single post.

This high interaction rate gained by being shown on both accounts tells the algorithm that your post is relevant to a bigger number of users. As a result, it is required to display the material to even more of your Instagram followers or new audiences.

Increase sales

If you sell is your thing, you’re undoubtedly already a fan of Instagram shoppable posts. Collaborating on this content with another business or creative can expose your products to a larger audience, improving your chances of growing sales through your Instagram Store.



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