‘Kenny Deuss’ Photoshopped Pictures of His Kids

March 15, 2023
Posted in Marketing

Belgium-based tech whiz Kenny Deuss and his girlfriend are proud parents to two adorable kiddos – Alix (born 2019) and Aster (born 2021). But when Kenny’s better half had to head back to work after maternity leave, she couldn’t resist checking in on her little ones all day long. So, Kenny decided to spice things up and give her a good scare by sending her Photoshopped pics of the kids in precarious predicaments! From wielding chainsaws to driving cars and even hanging from cliffs, Kenny’s created some seriously silly snaps that he shares on his Insta page, On Adventure With Dad. With tons of followers already, this dad’s got serious game! Check out his hilarious handiwork below.

See more on Kenny’s Instagram page 

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