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August 20, 2018
August 20, 2018 webpageniteam23

What Is a Landing Page, and Why Does It Matter?

A landing page is a single web page that you direct potential customers to. They “land” on a web page you’ve made after clicking a link in an advertisement, email, or even a blog post. The web page needs to be designed so that there is just one step that a potential customer can perform. They might signup for your newsletter as part of that process or it might involve signing up for a webinar or buying an online course. The single action your website visitor must take is the secret to a good landing page.

Multiple selections could confuse or divert them, so a landing page avoids this. You want a page with just one call to action, such as “join this list,” “purchase this item,” or “book a callback.”

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The landing page design is different from other web pages on a website because it’s unlike a blog that you update with fresh entries or an online eCommerce website where you frequently add new items, its content does not change very often.

But a landing page is different from your website’s home page as well. Your home page may be a static page but it has numerous links that take users to other pages on your website. All those other options won’t be present on a landing page.

The main objective of a landing page is to either collect the visitor’s contact information or to encourage them to make a purchase.

The beauty of a landing page is that it converts substantially better than other websites since it is narrowly focused on one goal.

What is a Click-through Landing Pages

The only objective of click-through landing pages, which are essentially just sales pages, is for the visitor to make a purchase, such as purchasing a product or signing up for a membership. The product details are on the landing page, along with a call-to-action button that directs readers to the signup or checkout page.

What is a Lead Generation Landing Page

A landing page created specifically to gather visitor information is known as a lead generation landing page. This is where you give away something for nothing, such as a free ebook, webinar, market study, or delivery coupon. You offer them something of genuine worth without charge. In return, the visitor provides you with their email address or other contact details. Once they have done this, then you can get in touch with them and market to them later on. Landing pages are very popular because they have a greater conversion rate.

What is the average conversion rate for landing pages?

With a total of 74,551,421 visitors, Unbounce examined lead-generating landing pages from ten different sectors. The average landing page conversion rate was 4.02%.

Higher education converts at a rate of 2.6%, whereas vocational studies and work training convert at a rate of 6.1%.

Source: Unbounce

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